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Contractor – Smokestack Lightning Protection, Inc.

Smokestack Lightning, Inc. was founded in 1993 when Bill J. Simpson, a chimney sweep at the time, tried to find a quality lightning protection contractor for his chimney customers. Unable to source suitable help, he did some research, learned everything he could about the industry, and started his own lightning protection company. Since then, Smokestack Lightning has worked hard to bring the best practices, training, and expertise to customers in New England. Smokestack has several LPI-certified master installer/designers on staff and services all lightning protection needs—testing, inspections, design, and installation—throughout the northeast. [Photo: Harvard NRB – New Research Building]

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Contractor – Hicks Lightning Protection

Through teamwork and collaboration, Hicks Lightning Protection has provided design, engineering, and installation services to property owners since 2005. The LPI Member Contractor’s turnkey lightning protection and grounding systems for commercial and industrial projects include The Charles Schwab Corporation’s new headquarters in Westlake, Texas.

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Manufacturer – East Coast Lightning Equipment Inc. (ECLE)

ECLE’s lightning protection products are sold throughout North America, Central America, Australia and the Middle East through a network of certified lightning protection specialty contractors. Fabricated from the most highly conductive copper and aluminum alloys used in the industry, ECLE’s fully-equipped manufacturing facility is designed to produce lightning protection equipment exclusively, including the castings made onsite in their state-of-the-art foundry.

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Mr. Lightning

Lightning protection and grounding systems are the final component systems in best-practiced electrical construction and structure envelope design.


Founded in 1955, the Lightning Protection Institute is the voice of lightning protection and grounding systems manufacturers and contractors.

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Working closely with the design/build, insurance and risk management sectors, LPI advocates establishing national consensus codes that mandate lightning protection and grounding systems across occupancies.

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